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Toni Liljengren, a Meta-Physician who is a practicing healing facilitator/advisor that changes physical reality by working with the principles and powers of “things” that underlie it! Finding the source of the issue, which could be from the past or past lives. I create space for you to be safe and open your own heart to heal with love. We are currently in a time of accelerated healing with more help and information coming thru to make it possible for anyone to heal themselves now.

I offer treatments in Kauai. I am also an Esthetics instructor, private teaching’s and was at the Paul Mitchell School of Cosmetology  to pass the knowledge on.

I could list hundreds of different modalities, tools that I have learned and use, instead I’ll just show you when I do a session on you. there are so many different healing tools it would take too long to list them all.( but you can read about them in My book the Magnificent manifesting Manuel. Here’s a brief overview.

I began my training in a Hindu meditation center. In 1970

I met the great Hawaiian Kahuna Angeline Locey in 1975 on Kauai.

In 1985 Angeline sent me to her teacher,Kahuna Auntie Margaret Machado, on the Big Island.

In 1986 we began the Mu’uolani, a Hawaiian healing center in Anahola where I practiced Hawaiian Lomi Lomi massage and salt scrubs for 27 years under the guidance of a Royal Hawaiian Kahuna Ed, he named me KUMU and I am the only one he ever gave the breath of life the Ha the MANA to.


All three Kahuna’s validated  my training and in writing on on the certificates I have.

Proving that I am truly a Hawaiian healer. I am continuing training always.

I became an Ortho-Bionomy Practitioner in 1997. I have trained with Arthur Lincoln Pauls, the founder of Ortho-Bionomy, and Richard Valasic. Ortho-Bionomy is about the correct application of the natural laws of life, and is highly effective for joint and muscle pains, postural problems, stress, and other ailments. Mostly to feel better all around. At play in the field.

Ortho-Bionomy is a gentle and painless, non-invasive effortless system of healing that can be done clothed that reminds the body of its natural ability to restore balance. It is based on a simple and profound philosophy, “It allows the body to correct itself. 

Ortho-Bionomist do” Nothing” better.


The founder, British-trained Osteopath Arthur Lincoln Pauls discovered how to gently stimulate the body’s reflexes for self-correction in a way that supports a person’s own healing mechanisms. The body is stimulated using gentle movements, comfortable positioning, brief compression and subtle contact. The result is seemingly effortless pain and tension relief, natural re-alignment, relaxation and a deep sense of well-being.

The individual is empowered to participate in their own recovery, and through the process can begin to rediscover the ability to heal and restore comfort, ease and balance back into their body.

Ortho-bionomy helps chronic pain, TMJ, back pain, whiplash, headaches, neck pain, fibromyalgia, sciatica, frozen shoulder, stress, knee & joint pain, carpal tunnel, muscle soreness, scoliosis,  and neck pain.

Tara40I took refuge with my root Lama in 2000. From a Tibetan Buddhist Lama from the Shangpa-Kagyu lineage, I received many empowerments in Tibetan Tantric teachings, including the five elements healing: Using color, light and aroma scents to balance the chakras with the earth elements – Fire, Earth, Space, Air, Water – To heal all that no longer serves, with grace and ease.

I am on my path to help others in the community and the world, practicing and teaching healing magic and loving it. I go with the flow. And have fun.



Here is a brief outline of Toni’s spiritual path:

  • Spent many years learning, studying, and training at Hindu meditation center in Minneapolis, Minnesota. She studied with many masters including the esteemed Swami Rama.
  •  In 1975 Toni met and studied with the great Hawaiian Kahuna: Angeline Locey (Angeline Locey has been declared a living treasure in the state of Hawaii). Angeline is a brilliant example of kindness and unconditional love. She was my Hawaiian Mother, Angeline sent Toni to study with her teacher: Kahuna Auntie Margaret Machado. Auntie Margaret Machado taught her all about Hawaiian healing and the art of Hawaiian Lomi Lomi massage. Auntie  Margaret was able to reintroduce ancient Hawaiian Lomi Lomi internal cleansing programs. Toni performed those internal cleansing programs for many years.  One of the Hawaiian kahunas named Ed Kaewi trained Toni and worked with her for 30 years watching her turn into the living embodiment of Hawaiian healing she is the only one that he gave his breath to the HA, the MANA the life force energy to empower her to continue teaching and healing with all the Hawaiian MANA she learned. All of those three kahunas gave Toni written letters of certification acknowledging her accomplishment’s as a     HAWAIIAN LOMILOMI PRACTIONER/ TEACHER
  • Offers a 3 day coconut cleanse. a gentle cleanse,  She also offers a 10 day intensive colonic cleanse. theres something for everyone.
  • Helped start and run a Hawaiian Healing Center on Kauai. She worked in this center for 27 years doing salt scrubs in the steam huts and Hawaiian Lomi Lomi massage. Everyday her work there was driven by the guidance and instruction of the Kahunas.
  • Toni became a practitioner of Ortho-Bionomy. Ortho-Bionomy is a gentle and painless method of healing that allows structural corrections and long distance healing sessions. She attended many advanced training sessions with Richard Valasek. His Ortho-Bionomy methods are considered some of the most profound on the planet
  • Toni has studied with Tibetan Buddhist Lama’s from the Shangpa-Kagu lineage. She received countless empowering gifts and practices the Five Elements of Tibetan chakra healing. Lama’s graciously introduced her to many other Lamas who she also had the privilege of learning from.
  • Toni became a licensed Esthetician Instructor. She possesses superior knowledge and abilities which have been utilized to train the next generations of skin care specialists across Hawaii. They receive exceptional instruction using only the finest organic natural ingredients available in the field today.
  • Toni is now a Hawaii Spa Consultant. She has opened and operated many health spas, beauty salons, and massage establishments. She is an expert at advising you on how to open your own spa. She specializes in an entire day of pampering. This could include luxurious Hawaiian facials, Hawaiian Lomi Lomi massage and body/beauty treatments.

This is what Toni has to say about her healing sessions today:
“I have learned to intuitively combine all of  the above modalities in my lifetime into one beautiful healing session.” connecting people to their source.

” I am on my path to share my joy with others in the community and the world, practicing and teaching the art of healing and loving it! My mission is to go with the flow and have fun! We all have everything we want and need to live happily. I love my precious life! I am a wild child choosing to live in a rich exotic tropical paradise island. In the land of endless summer.”

For Business Owners:

I am available as a licensed professional spa consultant. If you are opening a new spa or needing to improve your current service operations, you will find my expertise in all spa services priceless. I have been working in the spa industry for over 30 years and can assist you with Hawaii state licensure, training and education, apprenticeship curriculums, as well as incorporating company standards.  My consultation will ensure you will provide professional consistent services for your growing business.

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