The Best Cleanse Ever

Kauai Healing JourneysThe best 10 day cleanse ever

that’s on the healing island of Kauai happening four times a year.

The beauty way introduces the practical workings of an extraordinary process of personal development and self-mastery, which can help you to make positive changes in your life and restore your self-esteem and lead you to recognize that the resources you need to deal with all of life’s challenges are within you.

Combining Ancient Native American teachings, Hawaiian Herbs & Purium Superfoods, you’ll journey to the sacred sites of Kauai while purifying your body as you cleanse your organs, lose weight, clear blocked emotions and rid yourself of mucus and GMO toxins. Come into alignment with powers of nature that are both around you and within you, learn to appreciate the present moment and derive benefit from it, discover a way of consciously shaping your own destiny and perceive your life as an exciting adventure in every moment. raising your vibration to have much more energy.

Toni Liljengren Holistic Health Practitioner

A cleanse can be scheduled  as many days as you want.

The best cleanse is 10 days

Toni has many years experience facilitating cleansing retreats. it all flows to guide you to the next upgrade in your DNA so you can really let your light shine. 

Some people may want to go get many kinds of additional healing treatments during the cleanse to immerse themselves in the healing energy such as the Chelation therapy, lymphatic drainage, ball bouncing, dry skin brushing, distilled water drinking, 7 breath’s of “Inner Sanctum/Infinite Space”.  Also doing yoga, receive bodyworks, spend time in nature, in the water,  and visit sacred sites will enhance to your personal and custom involvement.

Treat yourself to indulging sessions to honor your heart and soul. Please contact us for your complimentary consultation.

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