Sacred Island Journeys

The Hawaiian Island journeys- Toni specializes in the island of Kauai

Kauai’s Hindi Monastary

Secret waterfalls                                                                                                              Come visit the Sacred forest of the Radeksha trees.
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Come join me on a journey to the healing island of Kauai.

Toni is a renowned Master Meta-Physician. She will help assist you with manifesting your soul’s deepest aspirations. When you come to the healing island of Kauai; you will find the whole island is the healing center. Everywhere you go and everyone you meet will synchronistically be exactly what you wanted for your highest spiritual evolution. Toni will guide you to the Hawaiian Healing Center or the Hawaiian Haeiu (this is an ancient spiritual Hawaiian healing site). Here resides a royal Hawaiian Kahuna who can offer truly unique guidance for your life’s journey.

Here is a brief outline of Toni’s spiritual path:


  • Toni spent many years learning, studying, and training at Hindu meditation center in Minneapolis, Minnesota. She studied with many masters including the esteemed Swami Rama.
  •  Toni met and studied with the great Hawaiian Kahuna: Angeline Locey (Angeline Locey has been declared a living treasure in the state of Hawaii). Angeline is a brilliant example of kindness and unconditional love. Angeline sent Toni to study with her teacher: Kahuna Auntie Margaret Machado.  Auntie Margaret Machado taught her all about Hawaiian healing and the art of Hawaiian Lomi Lomi massage. Auntie  Margaret was able to reintroduce ancient Hawaiian Lomi Lomi internal cleansing programs. Toni performed those internal cleansing programs for many years. Today, Toni offers a 3 day coconut cleanse. She also offers a 10 day instensive colonic cleanse.
  • Toni helped start and run a Hawaiian Healing Center on Kauai. She worked in this center for 27 years doing salt scrubs in the steam huts and Hawaiian Lomi Lomi massage. Everyday her work there was driven by the guidance and instruction of the Kahunas.
  • Toni became a practitioner of Ortho-Bionomy. Ortho-Bionomy is a gentle and painless method of healing that allows structural corrections and long distance healing sessions. She attended many advanced training sessions with Richard Valasek. His Ortho-Bionomy methods are considered some of the most profound on the planet.
  • Toni has studied with Tibetan Buddhist Lama: Tashi Dundrop from the Shangpa-Kagu lineage. She received countless empowering gifts and practices the Five Elements of Tibetan chakra healing. Lama Tashi graciously introduced her to many other Lamas who she also had the privilege of learning from.
  • Toni became a licensed Esthetician Instructor. She possesses superior knowledge and abilities which have been utilized to train the next generations of skin care specialists across Hawaii. They receive exceptional instruction using only the finest organic natural ingredients available in the field today.
  • Toni is now a Hawaii Spa Consultant. She has opened and operated many health spas, beauty salons, and massage establishments. She is an expert at advising you on how to open your own spa. Licensing, She specializes in an entire day of pampering. This could include luxurious Hawaiian facials, Hawaiian Lomi Lomi and body/beauty treatments.
    • Toni offers sacred site tours around the Island of Kauai. Even tours at sunrise on all the Solstices and Equinoxes. Each tour is custom designed to fit your needs.

you’ll learn daily grounding meditations, breath walks and Chakra activation and balancing.

This is what Toni has to say about her healing sessions today:
“I have learned to intuitively combine all of  the above modalities in my lifetime into one beautiful healing session.”

” I am on my path to share my joy with others in the community and the world, practicing and teaching the art of healing and loving it! My mission is to go with the flow and have fun! We all have everything we want and need to live happily. I love my precious life! I am a wild child choosing to live in a rich exotic tropical paradise island. In the land of endless summer.”




Kahuna Angeline Locey



Toni has a natural ability to motivate and inspire.
Wealth of information
the way to deeper understanding of personal truth.
Her guidance teaches by examples of loving kindness and compassion.
Nurtures those searching for a deeper meaning or purpose to life.
Helps you access a clear channel of inner wisdom. Over the years, many seekers of inner truth have accomplished their highest potential with her support.
Wealth of information and experience available.
Throughout her lifelong career, she offers private sessions for developing inner clarity, resolution, and mental balance for her clientele.
During VISION QUESTS,  you can plan your own journey suited best for your needs.