Hawaiian Lomi Lomi Instructor

Toni is a Hawaiian Lomilomi massage therapist & Teacher

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May Wisdom Circle- speaker Toni


Toni with Auntie Margaret Machado

Antie Margaret Machedo's graduating class of HLLM students

It was such an Honor to to appretenice with Antie Margaret Machedo on the big island in 1984 She was a Hawaiian Kahuna who truely embodied unconditional love, ( this is a picture of my class) She taught me Pule, Hooponopono, Hawaiian herbs, how to make lomi lomi sticks,how to cleanse the colen and how to love the body. She passed in 2009.

Angeline Regina Anne ToniShe told me I was going back to Kauai to start a Hawaiian Healing center and so I did with Angeline Locey another Hawaiian Kahuna and declared a Living treasure in the state of Hawaii.

( this is a picture of Angeline, Regina, Anne & me working every day together at our spa.)

I got to work with her every day doing Salt scrubs and Hawaiian Lomilomi massage on the guests in the steam Huts. For 27 years. the last year I became her caretaker and got to return to love. Angeline passed in 2017

Knowing Angeline was the best thing in my life, such unconditional love I have been so lucky to know and learn fromĀ and now am available to teach you.