• Kauai Healing Journeys

    Kauai Healing Journeys

    With a life time as a Hawaiian holistic health practitioner, a licensed Massage therapist, Toni passionately share’s this knowledge with you! Come to receive a private session of bodywork or classes, if you want to have vibrant health, clarity, freedom, peace, and release all that no longer serves. Toni offers cleansing journey’s for:

    • Greater vitality and more consistent energy
    • Improved digestion and absorption of nutrients
    • Better elimination and bowel health • Improvement in fertility and hormonal balance
    • Relief from chronic skin problems
    • Weight loss and enhanced metabolic function
    • Heightened immune system
    • Greater emotional / mental well-being and happiness
    • A sense of spiritual enfoldment
    • Experience a life free from pain and ill-health
    • Pleiadian & Lemurian sacred site tours
    • Energy work can lead to profound shifts in consciousness

    Call Toni at 808.647.0575

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