Meta-Physician Sessions

Meta-Physician sessions are used for spiritual transformation.

A session usually takes about an hour, you could be comfortably clothed on a massage table.

When healing Toni shows you how to raise your vibration and or addresses the cause of psychic and physical ailments instead of treating the effects. Facilitating by listening to your body as it reveals how it wants to heal and create well being.

Using a wealth of tools gathered from many different sources, for example here’s a few: 

  • NVC
  • Tapping
  • EMT
  • conscious language usage
  • long distance healing sessions
  • Abraham-Hicks teachings
  • Tibetan Buddhist practices
  • 5 element’s
  • Hawaiian Herbs
  • flower essences
  • essential oil’s
  • Ho’oponopono
  • Intuition
  • regression sessions
  • dowsing
  • breathwork
  • grounding meditations


Often tailoring positional release, isometrics, cranial sacral, chakra clearing, ortho-bionomy, range of motion, etc.

Find your Power to breathe and to relax & let go of all that no longer serves with grace & ease.

 Experience great health with improved circulation


Contact Toni for more information about visiting our island of Kauai or call her direct @ 808.647.0575