• Sacred Rites Ritual’s

    Sacred Rites Rituals

    This is a Intention declaration where Toni preforms a ceremony that marks a transition for any  rite of passage like  birth, puberty, marriage, death or any accomplishment you attain that is worth celebration and marking the time in a positive way

    3 stages if Initiation:

    1. severance/ death of the old, this is where the unknown awaits you.

    2.Treshhold, the time between the old and the sacred world, the shading of the snake skin, the place where the spirit jumps off the waterfall, or having a vision quest,  reclaim the inner child a coming home.    diving into the unknown.

    3. Incorporation./Integration Play it in your life now that’s healed, affirmations a new you  a vision state the way it in now. the New you !  Queen/ King

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