Testimonials :

Last week I needed a lift so I went to Toni for a holistic facial. I had aging, dull, dry, sun damaged skin.

I arrived to a warm, relaxing atmosphere with beautiful music, it felt so surreal. During the consultation Toni really listened and took notes.

She began with a gentle hair mask.

Facial cleansing, deep power scrub, a steamy facial massage with her loving hands made me feel like we were one as she breathed with me.

With green tea pads on my eyes she did professional extractions with ease. A light therapy treatment was done next, to push hydrating products into my skin. Next she did eyebrow shaping and then eye-lash tinting to make me look pretty.

She placed hot pohaku stones under my shoulders and between my toes.

She used aromatherapy to balance each of my chakras with earth elements.

She used a skin brightening mask while my hands and feet were massaged. The she started re-hydrating my skin with Placenta serum and Bio-peptides and Vitamin C serums for a natural skin brightening. Hyaluronic acid and Vitamin B were applied to my skin before the coconut hydration moisture treatment.

When I looked in the mirror I was amazed at how bright and renewed my complexion was, it was so moist.

I felt wide awake, alive, refreshed, tuned in and tapped on. I had a sense of well-being like my vibration had been raised, my skin looked younger, and I felt clear and grounded, ready to re-start the day.

Wow! I would recommend her to all my friends who value a conscious communicator to be their support person.”


I met Toni through my hairstylist at Paul Maria Salon on Waialae in Honolulu. I was lucky enough to receive a 10 minute session of her work. She advertises as Lomilomi practitioner, which she does. But, to say it’s just about Lomilomi is a gross understatement. She also employs a technique called Ortho-Bionomy.

Being a Doctor of Acupuncture and massage therapist myself, and having studied other disciplines as well, gave me a better understanding of the logistics behind the treatment. But, one need not understand the logistics to receive the healing benefits of her treatment. At least, it seemed more like a treatment to me than just a bodywork session.

The session consisted of some massage moves, stretching, and energy work. I felt REALLY balanced afterwards. Normally, I feel super spacey after massage. I also felt relaxed and happy. What I really noticed was how grounded and present I felt at the same time! I had been in the process of moving and was out of sorts. I would recommend Toni’s work to anyone. I must attest that it is way more than just a massage! Well worth the money spent! Thumbs up!”

-KT Mellon, L.Ac., Ph. D. LMT

Toni was wonderful! It was a very pleasant visit. She took the time to find out what I expected from the visit and what my needs were and did a fabulous job! I was leaving relaxed and with a big smile on my face! It was not any ordinary spa visit.”

-Karin Keller

She was Very friendly and did a great job. My husband was really pleased.”

-Jenai Lino

Toni was fabulous!! I love the all natural techniques and products. Great for relaxation!!”

-Melanie Sternemann