Hawaiian Sacred Site Journeys Sacred Rites Rituals

Hawaiian sacred sites offer amazing healing journey experiences for all those that visit the healing island of Kauai and feel the high vibrational frequencies changing their very state of being. Especially fun for those looking for the Pleiadian / Lemurian power spots. great for sacred rites rituals

Meta-Physician, Massage & Advanced Bodywork Sessions & Classe's

A Meta-Physical session is to clear physical, emotional and spiritual blockages, leading to better health and expanded spiritual capacity. Toni is a teacher of Hawaiian Lomi lomi massage, incorporating many modalities of body work, sessions are done on a massage table waring comfortable clothing. A transformation facilitator who can guide you to release all that no longer serves with grace and ease.

Spa Services and Noni products

Toni offers Powerful Noni products like moisture mist, flower essences, fresh noni leaves & tea, Tropical rejuvenating facials, bodywork incorporating Hawaiian Lomilomi massage with dozens of advanced modalities, and Body beauty treatments, for your individual needs. Indulge in luxury to raise your vibration.

Cleansing Journeys, light or intensive

Lets design a cleansing program tailored to your needs. From a simple coconut kefir cleanse to the intensive 10-day internal cleanse that flushes the liver, mucous and gallbladder. This cleanse program brings you to a higher state of consciousness, a more radiant state of health, feeling more alive, awake, aware, and refreshed.