Kauai Healing Journeys

Sacred Journeys To Align Your Soul

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Hawaiian Sacred Site Journeys

Hawaiian sacred sites offer amazing healing journey experiences for all those that visit and feel the high vibrational frequencies changing their very state of being. These journeys are facilitated by Toni Liljengren.

Meta-Physician Sessions

The purpose of a Meta-Physical session is to clear emotional and spiritual blockages, leading to better health and expanded spiritual capacity. Toni is a master visionary and a transformation facilitator who can guide you to release all that no longer serves.

Spa Services

Toni offers Tropical rejuvenating facials, Hawaiian Lomilomi massage, and Body beauty treatments, for your individual needs. Indulge in luxury to raise your vibration.

Internal Cleansing Programs

Toni can design a cleansing program tailored to your needs. From a simple coconut kefir cleanse to the intensive 10-day internal cleanse program that brings you to a higher state of consciousness, a more radiant state of health, feeling more alive, awake, aware, and refreshed.

I felt wide-awake, alive, refreshed, tuned in and tapped on. I had a sense of well being like my vibration had been raised, my skin looked younger, and I felt clear and grounded, ready to re-start the day." -Julia