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A message from Toni

  • My passion is to share the beauty of Kauai, the healing island, and take you to many of the best attractions like secret waterfalls, sacred sites and explore paradise. 
  • See below the options for 2 hour tour Reg. price $152. specials now at $99!
  • Kauai journeys offer rejuvenating retreats and a variety of healthy vacation options all dedicated to your wellness.  Mahalo for your visit!

Vision your Kauai Adventures here! Healthy Vacations ARE THE BEST ONES.

Retreats are set-up individually just for you.  Call for a consultation.  First we will discuss your interests and needs to make your stay filled with the best Kauai experiences and create a schedule that is just right for you. Next is a list of some of my favorites to choose from, like Kauai's paved bike path to one of our secret beaches.  Have a look and vision your Kauai journey here!

Kaua‘i - The Healing Island

Toni is a renowned metaphysician trained by local Hawaiian Kahunas and will help assist you with manifesting your soul’s deepest aspirations. When you come to the healing island of Kauai, you will find the whole island is the healing center. 

Toni will guide you in the Hawaiian Healing Ways and the knowledge of Hawaiian Heiaus, ancient Hawaiian sacred sites.  Everywhere you go and everyone you meet will synchronistically be just what you needed for your highest spiritual evolution.


The Kauai Sacred Site Tours are offered for a special price on every solstice and equinox four times a year and for any time a group would like to schedule.

Here are some examples of the choices for the custom sacred site tours. Individuals or group ideas and requests are welcome.

  • Hindu Temples 
  • Tibetan Buddhist Stupa to clear all karma
  • Sacred Rites Rituals
  • Full Moon Ceremony / Bon fire
  • Solstice Evening Ceremony
  • Grounding Meditations
  • Kilauea Lighthouse
  • Beautiful remote beaches
  • Visit waterfalls
  • Makaleha Mountain Hike
  • Boat ride to the Fern Grotto
  • Koke‘e Day Trip Adventure
  • Visit Sacred Heiaus
  • Spouting horn- Poipu
  • Mahaulepu Dragon's Labyrinth 
  • Vision Quest with Medicine Wheel
  • Ho‘oponopono Forgiveness Healing
  • Sunrise/Sunset Ceremony
  • Yoga/Meditation
  • Breath Walk
  • Hawaiian Healing Center Adventure
  • Watsu Ocean Healing
  • Hawaiian Lomi Lomi Massage Class
  • Advanced Facials, Psychodermatology 
  • Horse back riding to waterfalls 
  • Hikes to the inner sanctum of the island 
  • Lei making
  • Luau
  • Flower Essence Class
  • Raw Food Class
  • Metaphysics Training 
  • Relax and Unwind Beach Day
  • Meditation classes
  • Sacred Rudraksha forest
  • Helicopter to Ni‘ihau 

Adventure Menu

Hike to a Secret Waterfall

Kauai waterfalls are soothing.

Hike in the inner sanctum of the Kauai jungle to see the beautiful tropical jungle and lush waterfalls. 

2 hrs $99

Tibetan Peace Park & Secret Beach

Kauai hosts many cultures on one island.

Visit the Tibetan stupa to pray and take refuge, walk around the prayer wheels while reciting mantras to clear your karma and chakras. Then enjoy a tropical secret beach.  

2 hrs $99 

Bike Ride to a Secret Beach

Health, Wellness, Nature, Good Food!

Rent bikes and take a nice leisure ride along Kauai's paved multi-use bike path through Kapaa to Secret Beach. 

2 hrs $99 

Sacred Rudraksha Forest at the Hindu Monastery $99

Hindu Monastery, Kauai, Hawaii - a place to be!

Raw Foods Class

Natural ingredients toward the best you!

Learn the basics of creating live, raw foods to nourish your soul 

2 hrs $99

Flower Essence Creation

Surround yourself with Beautiful things.

Learn how to make your own remedies and bottle Flower Essences. 

2 hrs $99