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Body Beauty Treatments

Spa services can be added to any Massage or Advanced Bodywork session during your appt.  Full professional facials are only available when scheduled in advance. $152.

Any session can include: 

Laser light treatment $20

Eyelash tint $35 

Eyebrow tint $25 

Eyebrow wax $21
Lip wax $17

Seaweed Body  Mask $152.

Hawaiian salt Body Scrub $30.

Various Body Masks like Kaolin Clay etc. $152.

Dry skin brush $20.

Flower foot bath $ 30.

Hot Pohaku Stone Treatment $30.

Hair Conditioning Treatment $20.

Green tea Eye pads $5.

15 min mini facial $30.

Beauty baths are a favorite with fresh flowers, essential oils, Epsom salts, vinegar, and dozens of beauty potions are used for various conditions. $25.


Toni makes Noni Lavender Moisture Sea Mist $17. 

Noni Tea  $15. 

Noni Leaves*  $1 ea.

 (used to apply directly to areas that need healing) 

Noni Flower essence $12.99 

Noni flower essence tincture is made from the sacred Noni trees growing inside a Hawaiian Heaiu (which is a sacred site) on the island of Kauai, Hawaii.  It's great for anti-aging and cellular regeneration.This tincture is great as a fountain of youth.

Blessed Hawaiian Noni leaves from a sacred site in Anahola.
Fresh picked. Where there are no GMOs or pesticides ever used
Use for tea, tincture, sore muscles, anything that needs to be healed.
Hair, skin, for good overall health. You can wrap the leave right over the soar knee or elbow or neck to relieve pain.

The fresh whole green leaf can be used to make the tea... just drop whole leaves into low temperature, steeping pot of water.

The leaf is the most nutritious part of the plant, it has high phytochemicals, antioxidants and bioflavonoids. It reduces redness, inflammation, and eases pain. It's rich in a number of vitamins and minerals, phosphorus, iron, calcium, magnesium, vitamin D, and K-1, and more.

You can drink as much as you want, tho not for pregnant women. It will protect you from toxins and pollutants, encourages the body to detox, how to prevent pre-mature onset of age related diseases, reduces risk of developing cancer, aids in a better digestion and assimilation of nutrition, helps to cleanse your intestinal system in a very mild weight, reduces inflammation and eases pain, has a mild antibacterial properties and helps to maintain normal blood sugar levels. It's especially great for regeneration of the liver. Immune booster for all ages.  AKA Morinda Citrifols

Indulge in luxury with my Noni-Lavender Moisture Sea Mist.

Spray all over your body under makeup and on any skin conditions.

Ingredients are: purified water, refreshing sea water, aloe vera, noni and lavender essential oil. For cellular regeneration, anti aging, skin repair, rejuvenation. 

Noni tea 20.00 8oz bag dried and crushed 

These Noni Leaves grow inside a sacred site called a Hawaiian Heiau WHERE THERE ARE NO GMO OR PESTICIDES EVER USED. They were planted by a Royal Hawaiian Kahuna and friend. I harvest them as needed.  The fresh Noni leaves are lightly dehydrated and crushed and put into a 8oz ziplock bag, then shipped directly to you priority mail in 3 days. Enjoy Noni tea for good health and cellular regeneration, this product is prepared with love.

Now that you know how to make Noni tea,  you would certainly know how to make a Noni bath to bathe in the rejuvenating waters of the healing Noni plant.   Enjoy!!!  


I am available as a licensed massage therapist, Esthetic Manager, Esthetic Instructor, and a professional spa consultant. If you are opening a new spa or needing to improve your current service operations; you will find my expertise in all spa services priceless. I have been working in the spa industry for over 30 years and can assist you with Hawaii State licensing, training and education, apprenticeship curriculum, as well as incorporating company standards. I also teach Hawaiian Lomi Lomi massage and provide facials with psycho-dermatology.  My consultation will ensure I will provide professional consistent services for your growing business. 

ALso ENJOY tropical facials available on special retreats here on kauai. Stay tuned!

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